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Marks and Spencer's Free From Range review

It's safe to say that one of the best suppliers of gluten free convenience products of late is Marks and Spencer - from their wonderful array of gluten free christmas biscuit treat[...]

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Gluten Free in Barbados

My Gluten Free Christmas consisted of a wee excursion to what i'm normally used to, i was lucky enough to get invited to my husbands family christmas in Barbados. I have to say, i'[...]

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Gluten Free Leftover Turkey Hot Pot Pie

Thinking Ahead... Leftover Turkey What a busy month it's been so far in the WB household. Busy and ridden with cold and flu as well...both stress and illness together is so[...]

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Gluten Free Apple and Blackberry Pie

I Want Pie Sometimes it's the classic recipes that are always the best. After hearing my husbands want for a traditional style Gluten Free Apple and Blackberry Pie, my craving for[...]

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Wuthering Bites Gluten Free Christmas Guide 2013

If you are a Coeliac or on a Gluten Free diet there is nothing more stressful that planning a Gluten Free Christmas- as if christmas was stressful enough. It may not be for some pe[...]


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Kitten cooking

This is Ash. She’s mine and Rob’s (my fiance) new addition to the family. We didn’t have too many plans yesterday, but after an internet advert for this adorable Bengal Cat, that certainly changed. We learnt one major rule: Do not underestimate the power of the internet. Today however, I did have plans. To make a new recipe that I’ve been adapting for months: Cardamom, cranberry and dark chocolate blondies. […]

Millet, cinammon and molasses pancakes on a Monday 'mourn'.

Making pancakes on a Monday morning is not necessarily the most convenient thing to do in practice but if on a Sunday night – you also dread the morning rush and lack of comfort in bleak early hours, then make the mixture and leave it over night. It makes them taste better and your Monday’s will no longer be so mournful. I used millet this time mostly because of it’s […]

Has bean and always will bean, a fan of Sundays.

Every single cook has an inspiration. On Sunday’s there is a particular cook that, for me, epitomizes wholesome and comforting Sunday cooking. Today I’ve cooked a Nigel Slater recipe ‘Tomato and Bean stew’ from Real Cooking (Penguin; 2006). It’s page has been bent over at the top corner so that whenever it gets to Sunday, I always have the recipe to my emergency when I see left over vegetables in […]