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Marks and Spencer's Free From Range review

It's safe to say that one of the best suppliers of gluten free convenience products of late is Marks and Spencer - from their wonderful array of gluten free christmas biscuit treat[...]

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Gluten Free in Barbados

My Gluten Free Christmas consisted of a wee excursion to what i'm normally used to, i was lucky enough to get invited to my husbands family christmas in Barbados. I have to say, i'[...]

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Gluten Free Leftover Turkey Hot Pot Pie

Thinking Ahead... Leftover Turkey What a busy month it's been so far in the WB household. Busy and ridden with cold and flu as well...both stress and illness together is so[...]

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Gluten Free Apple and Blackberry Pie

I Want Pie Sometimes it's the classic recipes that are always the best. After hearing my husbands want for a traditional style Gluten Free Apple and Blackberry Pie, my craving for[...]

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Wuthering Bites Gluten Free Christmas Guide 2013

If you are a Coeliac or on a Gluten Free diet there is nothing more stressful that planning a Gluten Free Christmas- as if christmas was stressful enough. It may not be for some pe[...]


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Brownie stands for comfort.

I’ve been feeling a bit down lately. Don’t worry it won’t be one of those blog posts, I promise. My IBS has been giving me a lot of stomach trouble, terrible pains and the worse digestion skills in the world. This is all alongside a lot of stress and worries of finding a job, and fast before I consider myself worthless to the world. Naturally stress and worry makes all […]

In a sea of honey.

It’s Sunday again and no matter how much I have going on I can always manage to squeeze in a bit of baking during the day. Having Ash has meant that we’ve had an abundance of visitors scheduling in to see him and today was a busy one. I had an hour to make something and as usual, music (Kate Bush) and reading about food had inspired yet again. Kate […]